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Innovative strategies. Faster.

With your culture and people aligned to deliver.

We make shift happen.

We use agile and human-centred approaches to develop strategy and accelerate results for your customers, your partners, and your people.

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What we do


What's going on? We'll find out for you.

Often it can be tough to get the straight answers from your team and your stakeholders about what you could be doing better, and a third party perspective helps. Our 360 assessment of your organizational context will find insights and immediate actions that you can use to make your business better. And we can help build the strategy that gets you there.

Facilitation and Fun.

We pride ourselves on our ability to create an fun, collaborative environment, whether it be virtual, in the boardroom or at the conference centre. You might need to define your strategy, deep dive into planning the future, or stimulate creative problem solving. We can help you get aligned by ensuring your session is an effective, creative, and highly engaging experience that yields the outcomes you wanted.


Make shift happen.

We won’t just hand you a strategy and leave you holding the bag. Our team can help you get started quickly, iteratively testing and learning to make sure you are on the right track. We'll help you drive to the finish so you realize the benefits of the transformation or growth you are boldly undertaking. And we’ll help define the right measures to make sure you’ve arrived.

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Who we are.

So why work with us? Why not work with a big box consultancy?

We might tell you we’re more awesome to work with, but what it really comes down to is we're different.

We are battle-scarred veterans with extensive experience in strategy development and large-scale people and transformation initiatives. We bring the deep expertise to work directly with you, we don’t send an army of neophytes.

We're fun people who engage hearts and minds. We’re driven by human principles but rely on data to guide action and focus on measurable people, business and customer outcomes.

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