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Let us give you our assessment.

How does it work?

It always depends on the issue at hand, of course. But most often, an outside perspective can provide unique insights that you can’t see yourselves because you’re too close to the problem.

We generally do open-ended interviews with leadership team members, key players, and usually some of your worker bees. We’ll find the bright spots - the things that are working well, and that you want to scale. We'll explore your most recent strategic discussions, your trajectory, barriers to growth and uncover the chronic issues you may be experiencing.

If we need to reach beyond that, we may conduct a survey, run focus groups, or maybe facilitate a non-technical hackathon or design charette to help everyone ideate what the key problems to solve are - setting the stage for great discussion about the future.


Facilitation and Fun.

Let's figure it out together.

We will design unique, fit-for-purpose sessions and facilitate them for you. This usually requires some up front work to help us shape it and define the outcomes you really need to get out of it.

But once that’s done, you will be able to immerse yourself a participant and leave the rest to us. All of the outputs will be analyzed and presented back to you and your leadership team, with clear actions and next steps.

Of course, there are also some workshops that we can run to help drive your transformation and innovation agenda, including Change Management, Human Centred Design/Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Agile.


Spark the change.

From ignition to success, we're with you every step of the way.

We work with you to design people strategies that identify and protect the DNA of the organization that is critical to your future success. We help you harness the bright spots of the organization, build on them to scale up and secure your future success, and help build and sustain your culture to ensure your people are engaged around a compelling purpose.

We help you embrace the unknown: together, we work to understand and empathize with the experience of your customers and people. We encourage bold action so you can quickly test and learn what works. And we help build teams that self-manage their work in short bursts, focusing them on building something that has an impact right away.

We also make sure leaders have the support they need so that they can in turn support their people through the journey. It’s not enough to just do things differently, you have to move into a different way of being. Success will depend on your ability to identify the new ways of thinking, believing and acting so your organization can thrive in the future you are building. We can help with that.

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