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The (not-so) Secret Ingredient of a Great Client Experience

This week’s newsletter issue takes on a special format.

In this video podcast recording, Richard and Carlos discuss the criticality of building employee-centricity in your organization to match the bold declaration that your organization made about how you must be client focused.

Too often, organizations have made heart-felt commitments to become client-focused but are not achieving the results that they were looking forward to.

In this wide-ranging conversation, the founders of Endring whittle it down to three main issues (and how to solve them):.

  1. Your employee experience doesn’t match your desired customer experience

  2. A culture shift hasn’t happened

  3. It’s not clear to ALL of your employees and teams how they can (and should) contribute to a delightful customer experience

Please enjoy!

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1 Comment

Apr 14, 2023

That’s the gold! Well done gentlemen.

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